Custom Activations

Sophisticated and versatile, our patented system is the ideal solution for experiential activations, and is fully customizable to match the aesthetic and experience your brand aims to deliver.

The mirror is the first point of interaction for the user, before they trigger the camera, and can be built into walls, free-standing monoliths, or as part of larger installations.    

Self-Portrait Project mirrors and remote triggers — including our own proprietary QR Remote — can be integrated into virtually any custom activation.  

A collaboration with the Self-Portrait Project guarantees:

  • A uniquely fun, interactive photo experience to hero your brand and bring your fans together
  • Unparalleled, studio-quality images to get your guests talking (and sharing!) about your brand
  • Ability to gather email and crypto wallet addresses via our opt-in waiver form
  • Usage and analytics dashboard to gain insights about your audience 


Custom design / build

Our mirrors can fit and complement virtually any size or aesthetic build


Make exclusive offers or drive users to an Instagram profile or custom hashtag

QR Remote

Our patented system turns a user's mobile phone into the photo booth camera's remote control


custom branding

Client branding on all outgoing images

opt-in emaiL / Crypto collection

Collect user email and/or crypto addresses via an opt-in waiver process

client dashboard

Usage data and insights about the activation as well as email/crypto address access and image download

QR Remote

How it Works


Users scan the QR code appearing at the installation site. They are prompted with a custom greeting, instructions, or waiver language.


Users trigger the installation camera located behind the mirror using their own mobile device; images appear directly on their phone with any applied overlays or branding.


Users are prompted to enter their email or crypto address (if selected as an option by the client), then taken to a web gallery of their photos, where they can save to their phone or share online. A custom call-to-action screen can display here as well, with hyperlinks to Instagram profiles or hashtags.

Case Studies