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We provide elevated photo booth rentals & installations for social celebrations, brands, and venues in NYC and beyond. Our award-winning, patented system puts the power of portraiture in your hands, and results in beautiful, studio-quality images.

Photo Booth Rental in NYC

The Self-Portrait Project (SPP) is your go-to company for photo booth rental in NYC and beyond. Our one-of-a-kind, patented photographic system delivers a uniquely fun experience and studio-quality photos that’ll have your guests raving. Since 2009, SPP has been elevating experiential & brand activations, corporate events, weddings, non-profit galas, and private parties in NYC and cities across the country.

Our photo booth system, born in New York, uses a DSLR camera, a two-way mirror, and a remote trigger. Using this novel setup, the power of photography is transferred directly to you, the user. Photo booth rental in New York simply looks better when it’s done with the Self-Portrait Project. Since our inception, we’ve been here to capture the diverse face of New York.

As a community-based endeavor, the Self-Portrait Project creates a shared experience both on-location in New York and online after. For the last 14+ years, we have been leaders not just in the photo booth rental industry, but in venue installations as well as experiential activations. Self-Portrait Project mirrors and remote triggers can be customized to match the aesthetic and experience you aim to deliver. A collaboration or photo booth rental with the Self-Portrait Project guarantees:

A uniquely fun, interactive photo experience to hero you or your brand, and to bring your fans together
Unparalleled, studio-quality images to get your guests talking (and sharing!)
Where appropriate, opt-in data capture report to gain insights about your audience

Corporate Photo Booth Rental in NYC

SPP is elevating the photo booth to an art form and evolving it for a social media age in New York City and beyond.

We work with brands and agencies to create activations for engaging brand experiences and interactive content generation. The first and best of its kind, SPP has over 14 years of experience with photo booth rental in NYC.

Sophisticated and versatile, our system is the ideal solution for experiential photo booth rental in New York. We work with brands and agencies to create custom installations for engaging experiences and interactive content generation. Our list of New York clients include: Refinery29, Ogilvy, Macy’s, Veuve Cliquot, Barneys New York, Condé Nast, Y&R, Thom Browne, Stella McCartney, The Lincoln Motor Company, Microsoft, and many more.

With over 14 years of experience in providing corporate photo booth rental in New York, the Self-Portrait Project has operated as a contemporary photography phenomenon–exploring and documenting the idea of subjectivity at a time where self-authorship is more prevalent than ever before. We have a vision of integrating SPP in the spaces and moments which attract the culturally curious to spark visually-driven conversations, and corporate photo booth rental is just one vehicle towards this goal. The participatory nature of SPP provides the unique ability to be curated as an exhibition while inviting the viewer to contribute to the ever growing body of work. By enabling collaboration in this manner, SPP can inherently support the development of New York institutions.

Wedding Photo Booth Rental in NYC

SPP transfers the power of photography directly to the user, and results in gorgeous, studio-quality images. 

Our photo booths, based primarily in NYC but travel-ready, enable the participant to choose how and when to capture themself. If you’re looking for photo booth rental in NYC, you won’t find a more compelling system.

Built with luscious and tactile materials, our beautiful open-air structure will complement and elevate your wedding in New York and elsewhere, not subtract from it. Established in 2009 in Brooklyn, New York, SPP photo booths are designed for beauty & utility, compromising on neither. Since 2009, we have been transforming the face of photo booth rental in New York.

The Self-Portrait Project was founded in New York with social justice ideals as its roots and a love of photography as its driving force. We are culturally curious, socially conscious, and harnessing the communicative power of photography. As a values-based enterprise we believe in gender equality, marriage equality, and that other worlds are possible. We believe that Black Lives Matter. We stand by Standing Rock.

Wedding Photo Booth Rental Inclusions

  • On-site operator 
  • Choice of remote trigger (foot pedal, hand remote, QR-code remote, NFC tag remote) 
  • Standard white or black backdrop
  • Dropbox folder of images

Wedding Photo Booth Rental Options

  • Printing
  • Real-time image projection 
  • Overlay on images 
  • Timelapse video

Party Photo Booth Rental in NYC

Far more than just providing photo booth rental in NYC, SPP has been a vehicle for collaboration and conversation. 

The project has set up for almost one million images across nine hundred-plus activations in over five hundred unique locations, mostly in NYC but in eight countries and twenty U.S. states.

Our unique system of photography transcends the industry of photo booth rental in New York; we aim to contribute to the zeitgeist of New York by allowing New York citizens to contribute their portraits to an ever growing, living archive, and to connect to one another via a shared experience.

Party photo booth rental, in addition to being a way in which to revel in the here and now, provides a means to a visual language with the power to move people. Since 2009, SPP has been doing just that, in applying the notion of empowerment to photography via social celebrations. Our vast list of clients – New York based and otherwise – include: Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, the Women’s Surf Film Festival, B&B Italia, Jezebel, Gawker, Big Buck Hunter, the DUMBO Business Improvement District, Oscar De La Renta, Atlas Obscura, David Zwirner, and many, many more. Let SPP be your party photo booth rental company of choice.

About Us

The Self-Portrait Project (SPP) was founded with social justice ideals as its roots and a love of photography as its driving force. We are culturally curious, socially conscious, and harnessing the communicative power of photography. 

The project was created by National Geographic Traveler award-winning photographer Andy Lin, who was a co-founder and artistic director for Other Worlds, a multi-media non-profit which sought to document and disseminate cases of living, thriving alternative economies around the world.

The photographic method underlying SPP is influenced by the belief ingrained in many of the social movements Andy documented that decisions are best made by those directly affected by them, or, said another way, “nothing about us without us”.

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Our gorgeous photo booth delivers a one-of-a-kind experience that’ll have you and your guests raving.


Our installations put the power of self-portraiture in your hands, and result in studio-quality images.

Custom Activations

Sophisticated and versatile, our patented system is the ideal solution for experiential activations.

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Do you travel outside of NYC?

Yes we do! We travel worldwide and also have partners in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Paris.

Do you offer printing?

Yes! We offer on-site printing at the following sizes: 3x4", 4x6”, 6x8".

Do your packages come with an attendant?

Yes they do. Our operators are responsible for setting up, breaking down, and guiding guests through the picture-taking process (and troubleshooting where needed). We can also provide dropoff and pickup service, if that’s preferable.

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