The mirror is a camera, and your phone is its remote control. Our installations put the power of self-portraiture in your customers’ hands, and result in beautiful, studio-quality images.

SPP installations are custom designed to fit aesthetically and physically in your space. They can be built into or hung on walls, built out as freestanding structures, or even fabricated using your storefront window as its mirror. Our installations complement & elevate your venue, not take away from it.

See your mirror in action with our client dashboard, where you can access usage data, email addresses (if opted into), and image assets for your installation. 

Custom design / build

Our mirrors are customized to fit in your space, and finished to match its aesthetics


Make exclusive offers or drive your customers to your Instagram profile or custom hashtag

QR Remote

Our patented system turns your mobile phone into the photo booth camera's remote control


custom branding

Your brand's logo on all outgoing images

opt-in email collection

Stay connected to your customers to keep the conversation going

client dashboard

Usage data about your photo mirror at your fingertips


How it Works


Using your mobile device, scan the QR code appearing at the photo mirror.


Take your self-portrait using the button that appears on your phone to control the camera behind the mirror.


Your photos will instantly be available to save and share from your device!

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