Andy Lin: meet the creator of the Self-Portrait Project

Andy Lin is a National Geographic Traveler award-winning photographer who is the creator and creative director of the Self-Portrait Project – a visual art + archive endeavor which since 2009 has utilized a two-way mirror and remote control to empower people in the creation of their own images.

Haiti Discovers the Self-Portrait

The Guardian
Three years after Haiti’s devastating earthquake, New York-based photographer Andy Lin has taken his Self-Portrait Project to the camps for those displaced by the disaster of January 2010.

Education and Inspiration: Social Change Photographer Andy Lin

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Andy Lin is a National Geographic Traveler award-winning photographer and the creative director of The Self-Portrait Project, a visual art and archive endeavor. Since 2009, The Self-Portrait Project has been empowering people in the creation of their own images utilizing a two-way mirror and remote control.

The Self-Portrait Project: Applying the Notion of Empowerment to Photography

Ion Magazine
Over the past decades, the notion of empowerment has been a fundamental concept in various social initiatives and cognitive studies. While the term ‘empowerment’ only came into usage in social work and psychology in the 1980s, the origins of the notion finds its roots in pioneering works dating from the 1960s1.

The Art of the Self-Portrait: Andy Lin Discusses Expression and Dignity

Witness Blog
Self-portraiture is having a moment. The current digital version of the self-portrait is of course the selfie. Like that one taken at the 2014 Oscars which, to date, is the most retweeted image ever.  But in fact, the photo self-portrait has been around nearly as long as photography itself and its popularity as a means for self-expression seems unlikely to diminish.

Self-Portrait Project

miLES Projects
The Self-Portrait Project is a work-in-progress that seeks to capture the zeitgeist of New York City and beyond. It is essentially a glorified photobooth utilizing a large, two-way mirror, with a camera set up on the transparent side and the participant located on the mirror side.

These Inspiring Self-Portraits Show a Side of Haiti You Rarely See

The Self-Portrait Project is a visual archive project. It uses a two-way mirror and a remote trigger to enable the user to take photos of him/herself when and how he/she chooses. I built the first one in 2009, and since then, it’s become well-known in parts of Brooklyn and beyond.

Self-Portrait Project: An In-Depth Look at an Organization that Seeks to Spread Positive Messages of Self-Image Around the World

Change Magazine
It’s interesting to consider how much we value our appearance in pictures. Think about it: When someone is taking our photo, we can smile and pose; however, we are not really in control of the shot. With increased use of social media, we place even more emphasis on pictures…

Song of My Selfie: A bride sets up an unusual Photobooth for her day of days.

Town & Country Magazine
I’m a photographer, so even after I found the photographer of my dreams, Belathée, to shoot my wedding, I just didn’t feel done! But now that I’ve heard about an ongoing project by Andy Lin that would allow our guests to enter a photobooth and take their own full-length portraits, I think I’m getting close.

A Good Picture is Always Honest

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A couple days ago I showed up to Andy Lin’s apartment with a crumpled piece of paper covered in notes taken from our previous conversation, hoping my sleep deprivation would remain unnoticed… it wasn’t — I somehow managed to use “transcendental” and “metaphysical” incorrectly that evening.

Artist Spotlight: Andy Lin

Here Now Nowhere
Today we feature Andy Lin, photographer. We are thrilled to have Andy on board on this project – he will be installing his Self-Portrait Project at Here Now, allowing customers, artists, and visitors to tell their own story of the space, through photography.

The Self-Portrait Project: South By Southwest

The Self-Portrait Project is a visual archive project whose mission is to empower people in the creation of their own images.

February 2011: Andy Lin: The Self-Portrait Project

Whitehot Magazine
Andy Lin has mastered the art of shooting. Recently, he has exhibited his talent at the “Big Buck Hunter” 2010 Championships, where his virtually-deadly fire has ignited all sorts of internet gossip.

Self-Portrait Project Allows New Yorkers to Stage Their Own Photo Shoots

Andy Lin is a Williamsburg photographer who roamed the earth studying other economies, cultures and people. When he came back, he thought of a revolutionary idea for social change: the Self-Portrait Project.

Andy Lin on the Self Portrait Project and North Brooklyn Mutual Aid

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Conversations with friends, family, and colleagues about the impact of the Corona Virus on their industries and lives, with a look to the future on how they see this clear and present danger as perhaps an opportunity to adapt and innovate.

Andy Lin: Defining Your Image - The Self-Portrait Project

Why You No Doctor
Episode 9: Andy Lin (@outromundialista) is the founder and creative director of the Self-Portrait Project (@selfportraitp), an experience that aims to empower people to create their own images and ultimately, express themselves through their own means.

#113 Self Portrait

Space Camp Radio
Andy Lin of Self Portrait Project in da house to talk about his latest Haitian adventures and more!… and of course, space.