Our gorgeous photo booth delivers a one-of-a-kind experience and studio-quality photos that’ll have you and your guests raving.

Using a two-way mirror and remote trigger, participants choose how and when to capture themselves. Images are immediately available for users to download and share to social media. The can be printed, projected, and shared — all with our proprietary photographic system.

The Booth

Built with luscious and tactile materials, our gorgeous freestanding structure elevates any event. Inspired by the simple elegance of Scandinavian design, the open-air booth stands out in a crowd, and is as beautiful as the images which come from it. The photo booth is versatile, portable, and has a compact footprint. From intimate boutique experiences to high-attendance, high-impact events, our kit can complement any occasion. Designed for beauty and utility, it compromises on neither. 


Foot Pedal


Pose to your liking in the two-way mirror; see yourself reflected.


Take your self-portrait by stepping on the foot pedal; the camera shutter snaps instantly.


Scan the QR code to access your images in an online gallery.

The Images

Self-Portrait Project images are simply a cut above the rest. Our two-way mirror + remote control system helps shape a compelling and honest photo, and we happen to believe that a good picture is always honest. Images this beautiful need to be shared.

camera trigger METHOD #2

QR Remote


Using your mobile device, scan the QR code appearing at the photo mirror.


Take your self-portrait using the button that appears on your phone as remote control for the camera.


Your photos will instantly be available to save and share from your device.

On-site operator

One of our trusted operators will be at your event for setup, breakdown, and to guide guests through the picture-taking process

standard backdrop

Choose from a timeless classic black or white backdrop, or let us shoot into the venue space

choice of remote trigger

Choose from an analog foot pedal or our new QR remote system


Instant Access to images

Photos will appear directly on guests mobile devices, available to save and share

Custom branding

An overlay of your choosing can be applied to outgoing images

Dropbox folder of all images

You'll get a link to a Dropbox folder containing all images from the evening


SPP’s wireless live feed technology; Times Square, New York


Let us build an overview of the evening for you with a timelapse of portraits from the entire event


Photos can be projected live strategically in the event space or online, elevating the experience into interactive art and creating a spectacle & flow for the activation

Opt-in email address collection

Keep the connection going -- leverage your event as an opportunity to stay in touch with your guests

Opt-in crypto wallet address collection

Want to tokenize images taken during the event for your guests? Use our system to collect ETH (or other) wallet addresses