Macy's: Reflected Resolutions

2 DAYS | 1,637 IMAGES | 1,080 SHARES | 365,040 IMPRESSIONS

Macy’s reached out directly to us after experiencing one of our installation mirrors at Artists & Fleas Soho, and invited us to create an activation at their San Francisco flagship centering on the idea of rejuvenation around the New Year. The concept we came up with, “Reflected Resolutions” placed a thick, transparent piece of plexiglas between a custom monolithic photo mirror and the participant, and asked them to write/draw/imagine their intentions for the New Year on that plexiglas before snapping their photo. Users could then share their photos online via an iPad, as well as print out their photos as a physical keepsake. Over the course of a two-day activation within the cosmetics section, SPP guided a steady stream of participants through the novel, interactive process; Macy’s later told us that during the time we were operational, sales went up 8% and 18% compared to the same dates in previous years.