Barneys x Haas Bros.

48 DAYS | 14,295 IMAGES | 4,585 SHARES | 1,547,822 REACH

Our collaboration with the Haas Bros. + Barneys for the holidays 2017 allowed the Haas Bros. creative freedom throughout much of the store, including the fourth floor, where an enormous Self-Portrait Project monolith, our largest mirror to date, stood waiting to capture customers eager to walk away with a curated yet autonomous photo moment. Guided by vinyl decal located centrally on the monolith, participants used the wired foot remote and the mirror to take their own photos on their own terms. Users then could share the images to themselves using a tablet mounted on the monolith running a photo-sharing app with opt-in waiver language. The BOULDER AND WISER neon was just one of the many puns placed around the store, being one of the motifs of the activation; the scale of the mirror matching the magnitude of the boulder imagery. Last but far from least, every social media post shared with a #haasrules hashtag raised $5 for the Children’s Defense Fund, donated directly by Barneys. User-generated SPP images were shared online thousands of times, often with the charity hashtag, and were instrumental in helping raise some $10k for the fund.