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Since 2009, the award-winning Self-Portrait Project has been reconceptualizing the photo booth using agency over one’s image as our core tenet. A pioneer of the mirror booth, and originally conceived as a participatory art concept, SPP has enabled over 1,000,000 portraits to be taken at over 950 activations across 7 countries. We have franchise partners and bases of operation across the globe, including in New York City, Paris, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Atlanta. We’ve spent the last 14+ years iterating our novel system according to client needs, customer interest, and artistic inspiration, and are looking for new partners to whom to bring our wealth of experience and continuous innovation.

SPP was created by National Geographic Traveler award-winning photographer Andy Lin, who was a co-founder and artistic director for Other Worlds, a multi-media non-profit which sought to document and disseminate cases of living, thriving alternative economies around the world. During his time with Other Worlds, Andy traveled the globe photographing social movements such as the Landless Workers Movement of Brazil (MST); worker-controlled factories in Argentina; a gifting economy in Mali; and the Zapatistas of Chiapas, Mexico. The self-portrait mechanism in SPP is influenced by the belief ingrained in many of these societies that decisions are best made by those directly affected by them, or, said another way, “nothing about us without us”.


Own your own business

$10000 $ 7500
+ percentage of sales
  • Benefits
  • • Booth + SPP proprietary tech + training + support

    • Work with an established, award-winning brand with 14+ years of experience in the industry

    • Access to one-of-a-kind, patented photographic system

    •Access to proven marketing materials

    • Access to new features at no extra cost as they are rolled out

    • Logistical, informational, and technical support

    •Be a part of the larger social and archival mission of the Self-Portrait Project

    ...and far more!


White Label

Incorporate our booth into your existing business

$ 10,000
one-time fee
  • Features
  • • Own your own SPP shell; brand it however you like

    • No SPP tech provided

Work for Us

Set up Self-Portrait Project booths for events in your city

$ 0
  • Details
  • • Get paid per event

    • Equipment and training provided by us 

    • Bookings handled by us, unless you book an event, in which case get a 15% booking fee on top of your event payment

    *contingent upon city in which you reside and operate

For licensing of SPP software, please inquire directly